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A Christmas Storm?

We have storm warnings for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day from Nebraska to Northern Minnesota. This blizzard is forecast to happen directly over the route a couple of our children are to take to come home the day after Christmas.
Will we really be snowed in? How many people will stay safely at home and enjoy this storm? Or will our firemen and the other rescue workers be called to go out to usher hapless and silly folk back to their front doors.
The best things to do during a blizzard:
* Make doughnuts
* Have hot chocolate and cookies together
* Play board games with the family by the fire
* Look out the windows and enjoy the cozy indoors
Anything else?

4 thoughts on “A Christmas Storm?”

  1. I wonder what the equivalent of being snowed in is in Thailand? If it snowed here, we would have a lot of caved in roofs, frozen pipes, etc…Mae Wahn is 55 I think, and has never seen snow in her life. But she watches it on TV and she considers it dangerous and scary. She asked me the other day when we were talking about it, “Thailand is better, right?”


  2. What else? I think actually sitting down w/ hot chocolate and good conversation about real things w/out up and down chasing after the kids….would be nice. I love the little ones greatly…I just wish they'd play happily longer w/out any assistance!


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