Family Collage

A day at home and a new wall word to play with! Yes! The piano wall needed some help. I have been too preoccupied with other more important things. This morning it suddenly became most important to clean up this house…and the red wax that got dumped several weeks ago on a precious doily now stuck to the piano itself. I wonder how to get that stuff out of the crochet work.
Never mind. Back to getting it off the piano. That little scraper they gave you at the last Pampered Chef party works perfectly. It took the wax off completely without fear of scratching the finish.

 We had a wall word come in at work that I couldn’t resist bringing home. Here’s a plug for Northwood Outdoor’s gift shop. We have many new items and will be getting them on the shelves for you. Come in for wall words, framed art, rustic gifts/decor, and much more. If you’re looking for just the right gift for a friend or yourself, we would love to help you find it. Located on Highway 27 in town right by the Sub-way store.
     Okay, back to the wall project. I have framed pictures of each of the married children and the currently outdated family picture. And my wall word. Putting that together on the piano wall was easy. Plus the dried roses.

      Outdated! That’s the key word here, children. Send me a new file of your updated family picture and I’ll print it and refill these frames. And I’m noticing that we need to get a new one of Amy and Brad each, as well. There’s nothing like a new wall word for reminding us.

5 thoughts on “Family Collage”

  1. wax out of the doily…. there is a liquid something you can get from Hobby Lobby… I don't know where your closest one would be or if you have one… =) it's called wax remover or something?!?!?! You can use it one material it says… I don't know if it will leave residue or not… anyway… Just thought I'd let you know about it…


  2. nah! skip buying things to get wax out. put it between a paper bag and iron it. keep moving it till all the wax is soaked into the paper bag. good luck. your wall is beautiful!


  3. wax out of doily? Hot boiling water and lots of it, Mom–you taught me that… Anyway, new picture of us? We have so struggled with a family picture since Rennie was born, Mom. One of these Sunday mornings I'll line us all up and try again.


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