About me

I always get a bad case of “identity crises” going when it comes to writing a me profile. Shall I start with my marital status? Age? Number of children and grands? Or tell you about my hobbies and interests in general. That’s all trite news, think? What do people have to know about me to create a palatable context for even coming over here and reading my scribbles? Does it make a difference?

Since it might, and I do want to hear what you think of my homey offerings, I’ll fill in a little for you. I like to journal and take photos of my decor and children and anything to do with what might make a great memory. And I like to pontificate about my discoveries as a wife and homemaker and friend.

I love being married to Elv Graber. He is the most unconventional, creative, straight thinking guy I have ever met. Glad I married him because he lets me be me. That’s big for me. We celebrate the little things in our lives like improvements and homecomings and completed projects. We are Christians of the Anabaptist variety culturally, and of the Biblical sort religiously.

My newest fun thing is learning to sail a beautiful little sloop with our youngest son, Brad. It’s breathtaking fun.

My current adventure is setting up a new-to-us travel home on Elv’s far-away-from-home logging job in the St Croix river valley. This makes me feel happy. We get to live in the boonies part of the week. I get to create home. And we get to be together more often than we thought we could when he first went down to the new job. I had no idea how I would be tested for choosing the word “together” for our marriage this year.

I have a part time job working at a gift and furniture store in Hayward. I’m on my last summer of that. It’s been a great experience of learning retail, meeting the public, sales, staging our wares, and being part of a wonderful work family for a season. I’ll miss all of this. But I’ll be able to spend even more time with our fifteen grandkids and my own home and husband.

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