Just A Wee Posting For My First

Just to get started with what I hope is a way to create purpose in my scribbling from time to time. I really don’t care about an audience for the most part, but not long ago I was challenged about this. Jerry Mahor, who is from Ohio, preached at our little country church where we attend and made it clear in his sermons that everything we do should count for Jesus.
My first thought was, “What can little me do to make a difference in this big old sinful world for Jesus?!” First thing that came to mind was my time spent in writing. I like to write down what I noticed, what I am learning, what’s not right in this world, what’s neat about something, and my own homegrown wisdoms that might or might not be profound.
It might interest you to know that in the last year three of our children married. It was a very busy year at all levels. It’s enough to say that when it was over; I knew I needed some quiet time.
I chose crocheting, reading, photography, and scrapbooking as my quiet time projects. It’s been wonderful.
This picture of the loons is one of my small triumphs in picture taking. Our whole family was out in canoes when I got this shot.

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