To Walk The Talk

He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked.
I John 2:6

Here’s how I know and how others can tell if I am abiding. Do I walk as He walked? He walked in truth…He never once misrepresented His Father. He also walked in compassion…He always had time and energy to minister to anyone at any level in any situation.
Obviously we can’t BE Jesus, but we are to be LIKE Jesus.
I am so glad that we get to live this out one day at a time…one minute at a time. All my daily people encounters and private thoughts I may bring to Him to be measured and graced with His instruction and blessing.

It’s Iris Blooming Time in Wisconsin. We have purple and a few yellow irises blooming on the north side of our house. It’s a huge show back there where not many people can see them.

We took our canoe, some friends with their little boat with us, and floated down the Billy Boy Flowage Monday evening. There were white, blue, but mostly yellow irises (flags) all along the banks of the flowage. Most people miss this show, too. They bloom in June here on the flowage where only a few fisherman will ever see them.
Maybe there’s a lesson in the faithful, beautiful iris for me. A good part of abiding has to be the willingness to bloom right where I am, not for who sees or appreciates it, but for my Creator.

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