New Kitty 101

This picture hasn’t anything to do with this posting, really. It’s one of those foggy camping mornings last weekend, and yes, that’s a ladder out there mounted on the boat. It’s a diving ladder. The boys thought is was great fun to climb up there and jump off.

Last week a new kitty came to live with us. He’s a little black half minx critter who runs like a rabbit. He spent the week yowling for attention. He is the precious possession of our fifteen year old daughter who found herself in for a 101 on baby tending…a sick baby as well. The kitty had a severe infestation of worms to just state the bald facts and treatment was a must. The girl was in tears off and on; while the cat was in tears most of the time. This mom felt really sorry for the girl and the cat; but I saw this was an opportunity for the girl to feel the weight of responsibility.
I saw her tirelessly researching for more information on how to help the kitty’s poor distended tummy and tears. I saw her changing his bed, and bathing him, and feeding him over and over yet hating the idea of feeding those parasites. We tried Wal-mart’s wimpy dewormer with no success. So finally after two days of more pain and grief I called my friend who lives on a farm and asked her what we should do for our kitty ( and my girl ultimately).
She recommended a vet they know who understands folks like us who don’t believe that animals are people but we still like to take good care of them. In other words, we don’t want to add the kitty care to our regular monthly bills. Nor do we care to have the humane society down our necks.
I was feeling a little harried by what all I had to do that day the morning this came to a head. I called the vet who offered to give us some good dewormer if I wanted to come get it. I did. Driving north through the woods around the curves and in a hurry, I switched on the radio. Beautiful, soothing and slow music was on, something called “Meditation”…just what I needed at the moment. Then a pickup pulled out in front of me and didn’t speed up a whole lot. So there I was, suddenly slowed down to a meandering crawl through the woods in morning. God is good. I realized He was again proving to me that ‘The earth is the Lords, and the fullness thereof’. He can arrange for slow-downs in my life and He can heal kitties, and grow up fifteen year old girls on any busy day. Praise the Lord.
BTW, the kitty is better and I won’t go into detail on the healing process but it was a learning experience for all of us.

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