We have been home from our camping for several days. The ordinary days are back along with the routines of work and social events. But there’s a renewed interest in the this life we live.
Camping creates its own problems and pleasures different from those we have at home. The pleasure of an elegant table is replaced with the pleasure of grilled food eaten off our plates in our laps around a fire. Instead of keeping house we just kept the trash picked up and the food in coolers.
The family working together to build a sand castle became temporarily just as important as working for our living without the worry of whether or not it was worth it or adequate. Whatever we created here was perfect…nobody is worried today that the castle won’t be there next year when we return, yet it was a united effort that we enjoyed together.
Some folks don’t understand that just sitting and watching a bobber can be very refreshing. You can think through a lot while you wait. You never know when a big-enough-to-keep bass will hit your line. Life is like that…waiting quietly and patiently for what God has in store for you. The important part is to have your hook wormed and out there with your eye on the bobber and to wait!
Our son and his wife parked their tent under this big old white pine tree. Don’t you love the fragile tucked beneath the arms of the sturdy?

2 thoughts on “Recreation”

  1. looks relaxing and fun…..I'm looking forward to a nice little vacation for our family here someday soon.
    The sandcastle intrigued Zerrick….he wondered about the trail of water all around it. 🙂


  2. Hi Zerrick, that “trail of water” is a moat that Gabe dug all around our castle so that the enemy couldn't get it very easily. If he goes onto Gabe's Picasa pics he can also see that we had a drawbridge and a rope ladder to crawl up out of the moat if needed. 🙂


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