Happy Things For You

There are plenty of unhappy things in the world to think about…even in our own families, I suppose, if you go looking for them. I am in the mood to concentrate on the delights of life this time.

One of the first of those delights I wish to mention is that Jenny and Gabe come home and spent a whole week with us.

 The children  enjoyed snowmobile play with friends while their mothers did more scrap-booking.

Then these wonderful people came to see us as faithful representatives of Dru and Lisl. They blessed us wonderfully with many assurances of Dru and Lisl being safe (except for that motorbike mode of traveling! and don’t protest Dru, they did not overstate the situation at all), happy, and in good hands.

And then there was a ladies day together this week to scrap book again! That was an enriching day for us.

And one more happy thing is this picture of these two little girls. Aren’t they beautiful?

2 thoughts on “Happy Things For You”

  1. It's funny how our happinesses and sadnesses get all wrapped up with each other. Like right now Jube can be frustrating…at the same time I love him to death. And I'm so glad Duff's could be there, but I'll be glad when they're here again.


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