The Winter Blahs

We all have them, don’t we? It’s that time of year when suddenly we realize that it’s been cold for a long time.  We’ve been making fires, hauling wood, and wearing sweaters indoors for months now.  

The sad snow has become definite strata.  Any new snow looks like frosting on a marble cake and there’s ice in different levels on the edges of the sidewalk, the winter’s accumulation of tired shoveling. 

I am noticing the blue hue on my windows.  Spring cleaning comes to mind, but it is too soon. If I wash the windows now, in a week they’ll be blue again.  Maybe that’s not a good excuse for putting it off, but I do.

Everybody is trying to alleviate the blahs.  Seed catalogs, sale prices, Valentine’s Day, and Sugar on Snow are the evidences of such efforts. But I suspect that these are only winter events after-all and the only real panacea for the blahs is to get through to the real thing.

Spring is IT!  What we have for now is only promise. The sun is a bit warmer, the snow IS tired, and the seed orders CAN be done. So we’re getting there, day by day, to spring.           

                               I promise, amg


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