Extravagance Just Because

What if God had been as frugal at creation as we tend to be with each other. How fragrant and colorful would the world’s flowers be?
What if God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and all the other riches of our earth, had decided to keep them in His bank account instead of wasting them on us?
What if God had been only as kind to us as we are to others?
What if before pouring out His riches on us; God would have calculated how much He was worth, and whether we were the best place to invest His assets?
What if God had put a higher premium on having a savings account than on having a relationship with us?

Here’s little story that spoke to me. Mr Browne and his family approached the security gate of an international airport preparing to fly overseas. Mrs. Browne clutched a six-pack of Mt. Dew in her hand with which she intended to please a friend when they reached their destination. I don’t know how much the six bottles of pop had cost them, but I do know that they “lost” it at the gate for “security reasons”. The official there offered that they take a minute to enjoy it themselves before giving it up.
If you are like me; you’re thinking, Why would you spend money on something as silly as pop, go to all the bother of holding it and carrying it overseas, only to have it taken at the gate?
But the whole point to the Browne family was that if they could get it through, a dear friend would enjoy it with much pleasure. The few dollars that they spent was immaterial compared to the joy they anticipated giving their friend.

On what do you set the highest premium: the dollar amount you can save if you don’t buy silly things like pop, or the pleasure you bring to someone who really enjoys it?
Next time you decide for frugality to not spend that money, be sure to check your priorities. In the light of eternity what counts the most?

And don’t forget that God gave His only Son to die for us who did absolutely nothing to deserve it. Go ahead, waste/invest a little time or money on a friend today.

4 thoughts on “Extravagance Just Because”

  1. Excellent Arla. We all need those reminders and I'm probably at the top of the list. Another one of those worse things then being in debt things could be being stingy. Or we could call it selfish. Thanks -Dorothy


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