Of Smiles and Giggles for Marmee on Webcam

Yesterday I was able to enjoy Jube’s smiles on a web cam connection.  At five months old, this little guy is being introduced to his Marmee electronically.  I wondered with sorrow if he would know me when he’s two years old and lands in America for the first time in  his born life.  Well now I believe I have the answer.  Don’t you think that if I can, on my own, get him to see and smile on web cam that he might recognize me on that distant day in 2011 when his parents bring him home? It was the most amazing pleasure when he responded like he did!

This picture was taken while they were in Loas doing visa work and celebrating their second wedding anniversary.  I know, they shouldn’t be letting him chew on the restaurant table, but evidently it didn’t hurt him. 


4 thoughts on “Of Smiles and Giggles for Marmee on Webcam”

  1. Arla, you are blessed to have that connection with dear, little Jube. Can't you almost feel his squishy little cheeks through the webcam? Also, I love your slideshow of flowers. Makes me long for spring and summer. Beautiful! Shilah


  2. My thoughts were running along the same lines–what a blessing technology can be! And I'm not a grandma, but I do know that webcam makes the distance easier to bear–I get to see my little nieces and nephews that way… So glad for you, and you DO have a cute grandbaby!:-)


  3. Arla,
    He is such a cutie!
    I too spent time on the phone today.. I talked to Ryne (3) and Kadence (1) in Germany for quite awhile. I hope if nothing else they will remember my voice when they come home in Auguat of 11.
    BTW- I'll never be super woman!


  4. I doubt if you have any trouble connecting when Jube brings his parents back to the States. I know my parents' families were spread out across the country and even around the world, but somehow growing up we seemed pretty close to everybody, and our version of high tech was sending an old reel-to-reel tape back and forth once a week or so.


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