To Grow Faith

Lee Strobel says in his book The Case For Faith, that in order to gain faith you need to be where faith grows. I have been thinking about that this week.

I believe a functioning quiet time is a good place to grow faith. There ought to be something happening there…some kind of interchange between my heart and God’s heart. Staying in the raw Word will most likely produce the right soil for faith to grow.

The truth is you can’t grow faith as well where doubt lives.

There’s another statement that I heard this week that keeps ringing in my mind. “They’ve taken stupid to another level!” I guess that’s what happens where doubt grows, where the raw Word is placed below the latest religious fad.

Lee Strobel told about a man named Chuck Templeton who at one time was a friend and helper to Billy Graham in his early days of ministry. One day Mr. Templeton lost his faith and he chose a road of doubt to build his doubt more solidly. The last book that Templeton wrote is entitled Goodbye To God.
Where do you live your life? Next door to doubt or in the good soil, plowed and ready for more of Him everyday?

1 thought on “To Grow Faith”

  1. Thanks, Arla.

    Another thought on maintaing a quiet time is that there will be days when God doesn't seem particularly near. If we give up, we won't be there when He is. And I really like that phrase “the raw Word.” It is what we all need.


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