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Family Room Etiquette

                Ten Rules 

Here are your ideas made into a list.

1. Let the ladies have the soft chairs.

2. Any gentleman regardless of age should offer his seat to a lady or an older person.

3. Children and youths should not be too absorbed in their own interests or activities to notice when someone who needs a chair enters the room.

4. “Please”, “thank-you”, and “excuse me” are still the polite things to say.

5.Gentlemen provide chairs by both giving up their’s and by finding more for those who are in need of them and to be willing to sit on the floor if necessary. 

6. Be gracious enough to accept the seat being offered you and say “thank-you”.

7. If you must because of the situation walk between two who are visiting; say “excuse me” as you pass.

Just seven things to list.  I will take this opportunity to say how grateful I am to our family and friends for spending so many hours congregated in our living room talking and singing together.  These times of laughter and sharing seem as a little bit of Heaven on earth. You have all been mannerly and helpful for the most part especially on those Sunday afternoons when the room was full to bursting.  May there be many more of these good times together.

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