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Saturday Scribbles


   It was hot hoecakes for breakfast this morning with either peanut butter and syrup or butter and gooseberry syrup.  Then Lance, Elv and I went down to Rice Lake to collect materials for a new closet in the boy’s cabin, and 30 new bricks for the patio.

   We left three people home to mow the lawn and to clean the house with the carrot being fishing when we got back.  Well it clouded over and the wind came up so with the clouds spitting at us, we decided to stay home and play board games.  The lawn is beautiful and the house clean.  

   Also Herb’s informed us by email that Buddy Davis is to be in Duluth tomorrow evening so we are relishing the anticipation of hearing him in concert.  

   Is ours the only house that people drive by very slowly looking in? What are they seeing?  The dead tires, travel trailer, metal pile, and scattered firewood piles?  Or maybe they’re admiring our stone house accented with stained half-log siding.  Perhaps they’re counting vehicle and wondering if that many people actually live there.  Maybe it’s an odd sight to see a freshly planted garden and huge wash line? If I were just driving by, what would I be seeing? I bet since today is opening day for fishing they’re counting the two boats and two canoes not  being used and wondering about that.  If any of you knows what strange and unusual spectacle we are unconsciously making of ourselves, I wish you clue us in.  


4 thoughts on “Saturday Scribbles”

  1. I wonder if in your “neck o de woods” its unusual to see a nice, clean yard and pretty, stone house. Your place does have that cabin in the woods appeal. Isn't spring grand?


  2. People go slowly by my house when I'm bathing the baby on the front porch or cement slab. Generally they stop to talk though.


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