Making Everything Fit In a Little House

Cleaning at our house is more about getting rid of clutter to make space than getting rid of dirt.  We have plenty of dirt, too, but the real issue is usually how to arrange our tiny spaces.

So yesterday I cleaned out the one closet we have on the main floor to make shelving room for the overflow of kitchen tools/appliances that were sitting around taking up counter space.  What a success! The closet was stuffed with things that belonged in the trash.  Deciding that something should be pitched isn’t as hard for me as it is for others but that is strictly due to the fact that we don’t have room to store what we don’t currently use. 

By the time the closet was done and the kitchen looking nicely cleared; I was in the mood to move on.  We took all the pictures of friends and family off from around the white board and put them in an album. The wall looks strangely blank now and I suppose that next Christmas when all our friends send new family pictures; I’ll tape them all back up there, but for now it feels uncluttered.   

My nicest triumph for the day is a matted and framed picture of Great Grandpa Skrivseth’s family.  There’s Great-Great Grandma Craver on that picture too, and Craver Aunt and Uncles.  The picture hangs on our living room wall now. 


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