Cause and Effect

Remember that poison I put out for the chipmunks to enjoy?  Well now, the mice got it too, and no, they do NOT go outside to die.  So that’s the rest of the story.  Now I get to hunt for carcasses in the hard to reach places where ever my nose leads me. 

Brad found the first dead critter by the washer quietly decomposing almost in plain sight.  (I just didn’t expect to find dead mice in the wash room, I guess.) He took it out and now I can breathe in that room.

Our sitting room and bedroom downstairs are under suspicion only, so far.  I am dreading the idea of trying to lift tiles where there is almost no extra space and looking for critters…it could get interesting.

5 thoughts on “Cause and Effect”

  1. A few years ago my mother and Angelee were away visiting and my brother and I were holding down the fort here at home. We developed this terrible smell under the kitchen sink. I finally checked it out to find a long tail sticking up fom the opening where the pipes come through the cabinet bottom. I pulled the critter out to find a rotten potato with a long “tail” of a sprout. Still messy, but not nearly as disgusting as what I thought it was.


  2. To finish the story:the rest of the bad smell turned out to be mouse number two hidden behind the wood box. We had a grand cleaning and now we're clear. There are no bad smells coming from the ceiling after all.


  3. I came downstairs the other day to get a drink–feeling not so good to start out with because I was tired. I took my drink and turned around to see a rat on my kitchen floor. (Nothing is so terrible as a long rats tail.) I promptly felt sick to my stomach and began to shake. I went outside and called Dru and there I stayed until twenty minutes later until he came and “rescued” me. The thing was still in the process of dying. I stopped shaking an hour or so later.


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