Anniversary Camping @ Two Lakes Campground

DSC00002  9/24/10 Evening at Two Lakes Campground.  Our camp is on Owen Lake.  Before dark we enjoyed the brilliant yellows of the hardwoods against the wet and blackened  tree trunks with the rippling water behind.

DSC00008 It’s rather chilly out doors tonight. I am wearing my sweater, socks and shoes.  Feels quite cozy.  Listening to Pickin’ on Patch while I write.  Elv is studying. The generator is noisy. The furnace runs some and it warms again.  I’m reading Myra Scovel again.

9/25/10  Happy Birthday Adam, Dru, Emilee.  Adam and Dru are 27 today and Emilee is six!  

    The wind diedDSC00034 down in the night.


 DSC00011The lake was nice.  In a little bay, the water was clear. It was just like looking into an aquarium.  We could see the fish playing and the sea weed all green in many textures.

Came back to camp. I heated milk and sliced chocolate bars into it. Very good, but it looked funny for hot chocolate. 



It’s absolutely gorgeous outside.  I took over a 100 pictures today and some are worth framing.

Isaiah 33:6  Wisdom and knowledge will be the  stability of your time. And the strength of salvation. The fear of the Lord is His treasure.

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