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Christmas Cookies

We did the traditional cookie baking here last week and the week before, too. I bought more almond bark this year than ever before. We coated peanut butter balls, coconut balls, shortbread, kringles, and pretzels. I didn’t mean to have a one track mind; just did, that’s all. Charlotte made those cookies with the jam and glaze there. She has good ideas and makes good cookies. Shortbread was hers, too. Yummy, melt-in-your-mouth.

The shortbread was surprisingly easy. We formed it into squarish logs and cut them like slicing bread with a sharp knife and baked them. Dipping them was a nice added touch.

Instead of all that garish, colored frosting, I opted for white frosting and colored sugar this time. This is much nicer looking on the plate and less messy on cookie day. Brad adjusted well to the change, too. Youngest sons make the best kitchen helpers, ever!
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2 thoughts on “Christmas Cookies”

  1. Nice cookies Arla, Remember the days of making cookie plates with mom? I remember the green cornflake wreath things she made with red hots… I also remember the mess… the sticky and gluey floor… Merry Christmas


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