Frances is studying United States civics this last year of her formal book education. Right now she is learning about filibustering. I am not sure why this should be such new idea to her. Children are adept at it.

I recall the bedtime routines. You send the children to bed. The story has been read, the snack has been eaten, and the prayers have been said.

“Mom, I needa go potty.” I don’t know a parent on earth who ignores this one. It could be real you know.

“Don’t forget to get a drink while you’re at it,” You say hoping you’ve thought of everything. So you wait patiently for the footfalls down the stairs and back up the stairs to end in a second or third bed-going.

And the art isn’t forgotten by the time they’re teenagers. It’s quite honed by this time…into more like what happens in Congress. Talking for hours: with their friends at slumber parties instead of sleeping, on email instead of chores, and with Mom and Dad instead of going to bed at night. What’s so novel about filibustering, pray tell!

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