homemaking in the northwoods

Sunday Supper

 We had venison roast for supper last night.  It cooked nicely on the wood stove all day while we were in church.  Our supper laid out on the coffee table by the fire was a lovely quiet way to spend the evening.

 We all got a kick out of using the knife that Gabe forged from an old railroad spike picked up off the Tuskobia State Trail over by Clarks.  Brad says he wants one of his own, Gabe, if you’re in the mood to make another. “It was my spike.” he informed us.  Here is how he does it.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Supper”

  1. We'll have to see Brad…. I have several other projects I need to do when I get time. But it's usually not too hard to talk me into making a knife when I don't have any other project going on! ~GB


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