Conflicting Information

The Vintage Snowmobile Ride started out right here at the end of our lane.  Up to 180 sleds gathered in for this fund raiser for the American Heart Association.

   Part way through the morning a pick-up pulled into the back lots to turn around? and got stuck.  He happened to pull in exactly where Elv was planning to do some plowing and haul in a few logs for firewood. Elv and Lance went out there to help him but he’d gone away leaving his pick-up blocking Elv’s project for the day.  But by the time Elv was ready with the tractor an hour later they’d come and pulled the the pickup out.
   In the meantime Elv ordered up some homemade no parking signs, which they posted at intervals along our property. We are used to our yard on either side the property becoming temporary parking so when we need the space we just post the area for the day. Otherwise, go ahead and park there, okay?

   As we were pulling into our road on our way home from church yesterday we saw another sign that Fireside(hosts for the big Vintage event) had put up.  It said Trailer Parking On the Right with an arrow pointing…you guessed it…the very area we came along and posted our signs on.  🙂  I have to wonder how many of our vintage sled owners were confused or concerned that two neighbors were not talking or what! Elv says he’ll go visit his neighbor about parking next year before the event, so that the two of us are not looking bad to the public in general.

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