homemaking in the northwoods

Miracles Just For Me

    My new contacts came this week.  So now I can see to sew.  The old glasses made everything I look at so small that I couldn’t see anything tiny anymore.  I haven’t been able to sew for a couple years now and crocheting a doily has been impossible.  Not anymore. With the combination of contacts and reading glasses; I can now see detail.  It’s absolutely wonderful and I am praising the Lord. I believe I know just a little bit how Blind Bartimeaus  felt when Jesus came along that day!
    And I sewed these throw pillows! That’s my second miracle.  And all the materials were free, and that’s my third miracle. Delightful! 

 And I can see to put this puzzle together as well, now four!

6 thoughts on “Miracles Just For Me”

  1. this is better than Very Nice Mom! This is fabulous! Someday I'm going to sleep all night so that when there are so many options of things to do I won't have to say How do I start…instead I'll say …which project do I get to do! I'd like to come see you at your house again.


  2. I love that wood wall and the stove….and your pillows are nice and fat and beautiful! My pillows are all flattened out and are usually on the floor 😦 Ive been getting inspired to redo some of our rooms ,actually I feel like I'm getting settled in finally and fixing it up like I've wanted to do…….


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