Family Minutes, Odd Happenings


   There has been plenty of sickness at our house and among our church families this winter.  Looking back I realize that we had two bugs here in October.  That was the beginning of a winter of poor church attendance but doubtless more prayer for each other.
   Without sounding depressing I’ll just state the facts as they happened.  Following the October illnesses; one of the men in our church began to suffer from dizziness.  We tried to figure out how long it had been exactly, but last Sunday was his first time of being in church since the first Sunday in January when he came only because a brother’s meeting was scheduled.  Meanwhile a mom and her daughter are being treated for a long and lingering Lymes Disease illness.(A long odyssey of much prayer and waiting and antibiotics.)
   Then in February the viruses hit our church family.  One of our ladies said that she lost count of how many Sundays it has been since the whole family was in church together.  And each family has a similar story.
   In our house we are now on our third virus event since the end of February.  Elv is running a consistent low grade fever and has a rattle in his chest. I’d be hauling him off to our favorite Physician’s Assistant first thing in the morning if Brad and two others from a different family didn’t have exactly the same symptoms.  It still seems like it could be “secondary”, but we’ll wait and see for a couple days here yet.
   We’re all praying that everyone heals up soon.  When we all get well and when the two traveling families return we could possibly all be in church together for the first time in months by the middle of May.  I’m praying that it is  Mother’s Day.
  No, I don’t have anything profound to offer as a lesson learned or what God’s plan and purpose might be for all of this.  We’re praying.  If you care to; we would really appreciate your prayers, too.

1 thought on “Sickness”

  1. I hope you all get better soon. We were in Kansas last weekend and lovely spring time was there! Flowering trees, daffodils, warm weather, and too much wind! So I looked on the way home and we're probably only about a week or so behind them! PTL!


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