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Projects and Messes

Charlotte asked me this question.
But I want to know, how did you do projects like that when your kiddos were small? Till I make sure my men are fed, have clean clothes, and habitable living quarters; there’s not much time left for painting projects. Which makes me depressed, because it takes FOREVER to get one completed! So what’s the answer?
I want to hear from others, too.  Here’s my thought.  You can’t do a home redo project, sewing, or painting without having a mess.  Projects and Messes go together like cake and ice cream, pancakes and syrup, camping and fishing, pencil and paper, boys and girls, or red, white, and blue.  If you plan to do a project; prepare your family for the messes part of it.  You simply can’t do all the normal dailies and expect to still have time to create. My mom always said this as she launched a new home project, “It’s gonna get worse before it gets better!” in reference to messy floors, stacked up furniture, or undone dishes.
Okay, over to you. What do you do?

6 thoughts on “Projects and Messes”

  1. Well I'll say what makes it hard for me is not really the issue of time or mess. I live in a mess all the time…and I feel like there is never enough time… But the thing that overwhelms me and keeps me from getting anything done is a foggy mom brain. I am constantly tired and so if I do get a quiet moment I can't even think how to start. I NEVER have the question of “what” to do. It's the question of “how”….so MUCH to do and so little brain. Story of my life. And I don't have daughters to delegate to like you do Arla. so my questions right now are how to teach boys to see the corners and do a job properly and neatly and promptly….NOW over to you! Answer that one please. 🙂


  2. I loved this post, Arla, and Amy's reply too. 🙂 I have no answers. At all. Naptime is golden, but some projects are bigger than naptime. Painting is THE worst, I think, because it's messy and not as interruption-friendly. I've only done one little bathroom since I have kids, so it wasn't an issue… just keep the door closed. 🙂 I have a friend with 3 little ones who repainted the main living area rooms in her house. She did it at night when the kids were in bed. She did one room at a time, one coat at a time, putting on a new coat before going to bed. And then she lived with the mess/out of place furniture during the day.

    By the way, Amy, it's not just boys… I know of a couple little girls who still need to learn how to do jobs properly and neatly and promptly!!!


  3. Interesting discussion! Made me think back to those little sleep, too many diapers and children that loved being outside/in barn almost every day. And I don't know how I did it! Having daddy home 24/7 made a big difference, but not everyone has that privilege. So, you want to paint? Paint but don't be depressed because you got only one wall done! PollyAnna says,”be glad you got one wall done!” I found it was better to not think about how it used to be, but to remember the reason God put you where you are right now. When I complained about empty flowerbeds or few flowers, John would say, You have other flowers to tend to now.


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