Second Saturday In a Row…

That some of us are still sick.  Being sick helps me to remember that health is a gift.  A gift is something you just get for no special reason.  You have no control over how they come, who gives one, and when you will get one.  Despite all the healthy fads out there; I suspect that good health is a gift in pretty well every sense that I have just listed.
Sickness also helps me to appreciate the ability to work.  When work is denied me; I see it laying around everywhere, making my fingers itch.  The lawn needs to be raked clean of acorns, stray sticks, trash, and dog finds of all sorts.(I keep seeing a deer skull out there. Sometimes it is bleaching in bony motionlessness in the sun by the mailbox and other times it is staring blankly at us near the patio just quietly waiting for Jack to come toss it around or carry it to a new location.)   The ceilings in our house need painting very badly.  The walls in this living room need a coat of washable paint.  I DID scrape the inside and scrub the outside of the glass on our stove doors…my fires are beautiful again. Work is a privilege that was created before the curse and I can’t wait to have it back.   
Because this flu lasts so long being sick helps me to empathize with people who have chronic conditions. Every morning I drag myself out of bed and ask if today I will be better than yesterday! And everyday is NOT better.  Now I am confident that the flu can only last so long…maybe 14 days or so at most, but some folks get up every morning and face the facts that Day 14 is somewhere way out there….maybe in Heaven. I think I understand more clearly why they have to work on not being discouraged.  It is really depressing to feel badly day after day after day.
Now I have just proved to you how sickness can be a good thing.

4 thoughts on “Second Saturday In a Row…”

  1. Now Amy, Do you think that's any way to treat a perfectly good posting? I was so proud of myself for being positive and making lemonade outta my lemon.


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