What’s Happening At Home

We had a church picnic  for Mother’s Day. We have had occasional church picnics over the years and they are always a success, if I may say so. The pleasures thereof are numerous as you can see.

Plenty of ordinary, yummy picnic food.

Benny’s version of a picnic.

Gotta have volley-ball.

Gotta have marshmallows.

Tree climbing, too.

                              Then on Monday the children and I went up to the cabin to clean.

This is a before picture of the creek area.  Behind that row of brush and trees is a creek with a wide flood plain.  We heard the mallards through the open windows at night talking to each other. And someone said the Marsh Marigolds were blooming down there.  And there was mention of blue herons nesting there.  We wanted to see what we could see.

Abram manned the saw.

The boys wielded axes and hatches.

I couldn’t keep my hands off the project.  It is so exciting to have the brush cleared away.

Brad was using a hatchet he found.

Miriam helped to pile up the brush.

And this is after we were done from the dining room. We left the willow, the birch, and one spruce to decide about later. Now! maybe we can see the ducks, herons,  and flowers.

Plenty of natural light. 
It’s getting more and more like home.

The back of the cabin looking at the potential upper deck.

Nothing like a group of children playing Rook around the table to serve as a completion to our cleaning project.

2 thoughts on “What’s Happening At Home”

  1. the cabin looks so cozy Arla, and the brush clean up reminds me of your Moms first few years here, she was a paul bunyan in a skirt.


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