Summer Is Here

One of the ways we know it is summer is that we cleaned a vacation home today. Summer cleaning jobs have begun. The lake shore was fascinating with the waves crashing on the beach in this wind. I would stand there and just watch them. But since we are paid by the hour I don’t do that.  Another way to know it’s summer despite the predictions that we aren’t going to get summer this summer is that the lawn is getting mowed weekly. So bring on the under 90 degrees weather.  Maybe for the first time in years we will have a normal Wisconsin summer. No need for AC. We will have cool, sweater evenings. Sounds good to us.

1 thought on “Summer Is Here”

  1. I'm glad for summer and even for the lawn mowing which I need to do today. All the pretty birds and flowers! I've been shopping at your aunt's green house and need to do some more. She has lovely things there! Connie


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