A Little Old Church

Does any of you recognize this building? Our family, the Skrivseths, do. Too tired tonight to explain…just home from a weekend with “The Aunties” as Trenda and I dubbed them, but till later, here is a teaser.

7/10/11 Okay, I’m back.

   It’s the little Mennonite Church in Graceton, Minnesota.  The doors have been closed for  years now and the grass and brush are taking over. Never again will the bees buzz outside the screens and the thunder and whistle of the train be heard during the preaching of the Word. “My Jesus I Love Thee” will never again be sung within those walls.  No more swinging bare feet patiently waiting in the hush of quiet for dismissal. No  children will run about in the sandy parking lot after church while the moms and dads visit. The little church stands alone, slowly receding into the overgrowth.
    It was so sad when the doors closed. It seemed like a failure to those who watched it happen. I remember hearing the talk about it when I was a listening little girl.  Daddy’s disappointment was palpable and we didn’t even live there.
   Forty years later I realize that the story was not all told. From just one of the families who started out serving the Lord there, are preachers, missionaries, faithful grandchildren and great grandchildren belonging to churches all over the United States, Canada, and even a family or so in Central America.
   So maybe you’re in a major church transition for whatever reason.  Maybe it seems to you that the Enemy is  winning right now.  Don’t be so sure.  Trust in God who is in control. You never know. Faith is bigger than Failure.

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6 thoughts on “A Little Old Church”

  1. Arla, I recognized the picture right away. We stopped to snap a photo a few years ago on the way home from my Uncle Paul's funeral. It is sad to see church doors close but thanks for the reminder and encouragement. I love reading your Aunt Carol's book “Because They Cared.” (Dorothy is my dad's 1st cousin.) Our church is going through transition right now and it can get discouraging. Thankfully the true church is not defined as or contained in a building.


  2. such a precious place that was and is in my memory. I couldn't bear to take a picture because I don't want to remember it the way it is now… but what a great thought… It may look like it's over, but there are many great and wonderful things happening all over the world that started way back at that little country church!


  3. Hello,I just discovered your reply. Thanks for letting us know about the dear old building. My dad will be interested in hearing this. If you email me an email or phone perhaps we can answer your questions.


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