Being a Mom

In reading  Amy’s thoughts about being a mommy to little ones 24/7 and all that goes with it, I got to thinking about my own stage of life.  All my babies are gone and I would be one of those that Amy is referring to as “an older woman”.  
So is my life easier than Amy’s?  I don’t know, honest I don’t.  I can’t promise that having those boys out buying cars and getting married  is any easier.  Oh yes, they can take care of themselves more or less now.  Our boys can cook for themselves and wash their own clothing if they have to, and keep their rooms cleaned now.  But I don’t go so far as to say that MY responsibility toward them is any easier…just different.  
My prayers for them have changed.  Instead of praying for their growing up things like physical safety and wisdom to train and discipline; I am praying for their moral safety, their search for a life work, and for their future wives if they aren’t married yet.  I pray for their ministry (every man has one), and for wisdom for them because the world they live in is so much more deceptive and ungodly than the world we where started out  our life/journey… I think. 
I suppose I get more sleep than I did when the children were babies.  But again I’m not sure. Now I lay there praying for the children in Thailand, in Nebraska, and those living here at home.  I am listening for the footsteps of those children out playing V-ball till 10 PM and praying for them that when they’re sitting at McDonalds afterward that they’ll be wise and remember Whose they are and Who they serve.
Someday when it’s time to send your little girl, who somehow got to be 17 years old under your very nose, to Thailand on an international flight you’ll be hard pressed to think that this is any easier than having her at home, age 10, whining about Mac and Cheese for lunch. 
Oh yes, I am happy to see our children grow up. I don’t miss the baby days. I just thought you ought to know that the race isn’t over for me either, yet. Just keep praying and running, all you mommies with wakeful, naughty babies.  God created us to do what we do, I don’t see what could be a higher calling after all, do you?

5 thoughts on “Being a Mom”

  1. I agree that the stages of Motherhood are mostly the same. I thought about that last summer when I was concerned about my unborn child, and you were watching and praying over your teenage and adult kiddos, and Grandma Ruth was agonizing over her daughter's situation. I think what gets me the most at this stage is the longing for adult womanly interaction more then anything. So maybe my struggle isn't exactly motherhood. Though it would be lovely to have the freedom once in awhile to read a book for a day, or do a nice leisurely shopping browse. But I wouldn't trade Benny for that. And I was very encouraged by what you said yesterday, that more children don't necessarily mean more work.


  2. Arla agreed big time…and Charlotte…sorry…but I actually got more books read when the children were little than I do now!! Yeah, I get sleep at night…but the rest of the day seems much more hectic. Why we always think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence is beyond me!! ENJOY your little ones while they are little. Oh the 'bigger' stage is fun too…but sorry, it only gets busier!!


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