Copper Falls 2011 and Other Rambles Through the Woods


Actually this was a purely random shot  that I got when I asked them to please face the camera.  Nobody was trying to be “cool” at all.  Although I believe Lance was being a little obnoxious which you can see as plain as day.  Most of the rest of the pictures that I took that day at the park are blurry and ineffective.

But the day at Copper Falls was beautiful and nice right down to Frances’s homemade cheesecake.  Nothing rounds out a long walk on a chilly fall day like a picnic of hotdogs, beans, and desert.

In other days of our lives:  Amy has been in Nebraska helping Jenny since the 22nd of August. That’s long enough now.  Clark and Charlotte plan to fetch her home by next Monday evening. 

Elv bought chocolates for me.  I told Brad he could have one of them if he could pronounce the name of them. (Ghirardelli) Very nice chocolate. Lance handed me a gift card for Bath and Body Works. (A friend of his had given the card to him for HIS birthday in May. Which was a joke because Lance wouldn’t go to such a place. ) A couple of  three-wick candles of marvelous fragrance are the result of that generosity. Frances brought me a dozen small, red roses after all the other gifts and special things for my birthday. (They were on sale at Wal-Mart and she couldn’t resist.) 

Wringer washer days seem to be over.  We found an old reliable Kenmore on Craigslist.  I enjoyed using the wringer washer but it is a lot easier job to let the automatic take over, I’ll admit.

  We are still working on salvaging the downed trees from The First of July Storm. We, includes many of the loggers from the surrounding areas.  All day long, starting before daylight, the log trucks roll by. The current log trucks pull as many as four bunks of 8 foot logs. There are processor, forwarders, and feller-bunchers all over the woods.  Elv and Lance seem to know who is who in the logging crew society just by the machines they’re running. It’s something guys can do, I guess, keep a running inventory in their heads of who owns which machine.

When I take lunch to Elv and Lance or drive in to get the pickup for a fuel run, I always hope that I don’t have to meet one of the log trucks on the no-passing-possible trails. I have gotten pretty good at getting off to the side over the years. Only once have I nearly been run over by a truck.  That time the road had snow banks up both sides and the truck was coming down the hill toward me. I negotiated the corner and tried to stop.  We BOTH tried to stop. We DID stop, finally.  Jimmy’s truck was sorta kinked up against the snow banks on both sides the road while my van hugged my snow bank and settled into the edge. I could drive out but Jimmy couldn’t.  My fault, I think, although I believe we both had radios at the time. So when there is a truck coming on a narrow woods road, I don’t wait around, I pull over into the woods/weeds/toolies as soon as possible. Believe me, a log truck on a woods road is an amazing critter…you notice that as they steam on by.

Besides getting a lot of pictures scrapbooked and quite a few books read, we brought a canoe and have looked the lake over now. There are about 12 or so residences on Pear Lake.  Most of them are summer homes, so the lake is very quiet. The loons have flown away for the winter, too. 

Someone tooted at us today while we were seated on the shore, sunning and visiting. At table tonight Elv and Lance helped us decide who it was.  Grey pickup, antenna, and such pieces of info gave Lance the clues. “Hello, Rod,” we all say.  So the woods is full of friends and people we know these days, I guess.

Elv and I had plans to take off for a anniversary weekend away.  But today the processor broke down, again. This is the third week in a row he had a breakdown and something new each time.  I prayed that God would protect our weekend, but now I wonder if I should have left well enough alone.  Time will tell.

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