Family Minutes, Logging In The Blow-Down

Dawn Till Dark Logging

That would be good name for the logging business. Because it would be quite accurate.  So one day this week Frances and I went to the job and presided over the repair of one machine while Brad rode along with Lance in the other machine.  Frances and I took a walk too.  But mostly we stood around and watched.

The landing at present.  Lance has been loading to this landing for about a week.  He has various sorts started as you can or maybe you can’t see.  There’s a bolt pile, a pulp pile, a firewood pile, and I’d guess a pine bolt among others I don’t know about.

Frances got right up there and looked in on the turbo replacement job.  It worked like a charm when it was done, too.

I liked this picture.  So I’m adding it here.

By and by we asked Elv if we could build a fire.  He pointed to a spot about in the middle of the landing where there is zero vegetation.  It had rained all morning, but we found a few dry twigs and sticks and added red pine bark as we went along and had a nice warming fire.

And it got dark while we warmed and waited for the guys to get done working.

I could do this everyday.  Elv and I call it “smoking a cigarette”.  Before any of you gets offended I’ll tell you that if you had read the book Love and Respect, you’d know what we mean.  It’s like this: He putters around outside on the weekend or in the evening fixing the car or the lawn mower and she sits by and watches or reads as she wishes, but she’s there and it does something for the relationship whether or not they actually visit.  The couple the author took this example from would do just this.  He would fix and she would sit smoking, not talking; but being there together. I am not advising the smoking part at all.

What do you call this?  Not really looking for a better name. I’m just wondering how it works for you?

3 thoughts on “Dawn Till Dark Logging”

  1. Smoking a Cigarette…Hmmm…for us, I'm not sure how this looks. I don't think I'm very good at it. Cause sometimes I'm waiting around just puttering doing something…waiting on him to make the next move…like get up from his desk and walk out the door because we said we were going to leave for Big C now. But then I discover that he's waiting around for me to stop puttering to leave…How duh is that?


  2. I'm afraid it's inherited, Lisl…our whole family does it…much to our friends' frustration (and ours, when we finally wake up to what's happening). Afraid it happens quite regularly…:) Hi Arla 🙂


  3. Validating companionship.It's not like they want to work so they can be away from us. It's a choice to live responsible to provide. Cheers for you and Elv. Happy Anniversary!!


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