Another Thankful List

For balmy November days. No snow, no rain, no ice. Just sunshine and a few cloudy days in between. Amazingly warm, sweater days.
For one, dead, old fridge sitting on the patio.  Because it stands for the new fridge in our kitchen that God gave us for free.
For quiet school mornings.
For brainstorms. The current brainstorm is to make our own wreaths this year of spruce boughs, mountain ash berries, and pine cones.
For red crochet yarn that my mom left behind and I found several days later. It is being crocheted into an Amaryllis Christmas doily.
For stacks of line-dried towels after a long weekend of growing piles of dirty laundry.
For Thanksgiving vacation just around the corner.  Three days to eat, make wreaths, fix a floor, visit friends, hike, and play.
For prayer. How would we live without it?

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