Thanksgiving (News for Grabers)

          But you can listen in if you like even if you are not a Graber.

          We spent our Thanksgiving at the cabin. On Thursday we had dinner at Lattins along with the Martins and Kathy.  I don’t have any pictures of that day because last minute I left my camera sitting on the kitchen window sill after thinking about what a pain it is to be responsible for taking a few pictures.  My dear old camera doesn’t work right anyway. I have one good setting and it is for outdoors unless you don’t mind blurry pictures and I do mind. 
         So there it sat while we enjoyed long hours of visiting and sharing delicious food with friends.  Gideon made the sweet potato hot dish. Good job of it too.  The marshmallows slid on the top a little as it was being lifted out of the cook stove oven, but we didn’t mind at all.  There was a turkey, and numerous vegetable dishes, salads, mashed potatoes and gravy, pie and cheesecake.  Plenty and more of everything a Thanksgiving dinner should be. Yes, I should have had pictures of the table of young people playing games, and of the lace covered serving table and of the circle of older folks visiting. 
        All of following is of the rest of our “three Saturdays in a row” as Dena said in her text to us commenting about Thanksgiving celebrations. 
Benny was good as gold the whole time.

 We had not only one puzzle to work, but two. At Lattins on Thursday we started a Kim Jacobs puzzle. Susan says they’ve finished it.  Then we started a lovely 1000 piecer at the cabin where it lies unfinished for anyone who wants to work on it. I would give you a link for that puzzle too, if I could remember the name of the artist.

     On our list of things to do during Thanksgiving vacation was to take away the opening in the living room ceiling to the upstairs of the cabin. The idea to add more light to the living room by having an opening turned out to be a waste of floor space upstairs for the most part. So we have been wanting to put the floor in since the beginning. Elv and the boys got it done. Presto, we had more sleeping space upstairs, as well!
     AND we got our family picture taken. Evidence comes later. That is, we took a family picture of those of us who live here at home now-a-days. For this year you married children will have to be off the picture, I’m sorry to say. It is terrifically hard to get a whole family picture when some people live in Thailand and others in  Wisconsin while even others live in Nebraska.

Elv worked on the plow truck again. The hope is that there will be a way to plow snow on Joshua Rd this winter.

Lance keeping Frances in line, as usual.

   Yes, we took our usual walk to the tippiest -top of Buck Mountain that overlooks the world as we knew it on the North Shore.


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