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A Skiff Of Snow And Other Stuff of December

     All we have is a skiff of snow. Not enough for anything but making the back roads slick and to be able to say that there IS snow. Not enough to play in, or make a snow man of, or plow even. I doubt you can measure it although I saw that someone thought 1/8th of an inch would be considered a skiff.  So maybe we have an 1/8th inch of snow.  In which case if the sun shines tomorrow we will soon have even less snow…no longer the skiff of which we speak tonight.

    The frustration I encountered today was getting well into a crocheting project only to discover that the directions were defective. I simply couldn’t come up with what the picture showed for a shell border if I followed the directions. Now I LIKE to follow the directions when I am crocheting because the result is much more satisfactory and besides I get a kick out of producing something beautiful from what my children declare is nonsense writing.  So I made the difficult choice of abandoning the directions. Now what I have looks like the picture but I can’t say that I am satisfied. Sigh! Oh well. 
   Happy things in our day were as follows: Amy crafted a stable of cardboard and set up the dear old nativity set that I found at Salvation Army two years ago.  She used straw, pine boughs, lights, and quilt batting to create a lovely scene in a deep window sill.  
    Also Amy and I went along with others from church to sing to the old folks at the rest home this evening. We had instruments and good, willing singers so it was nice to belt out the carols and other favorites for those dear old listeners.  The Old Rugged Cross was mellow and slow and lovely. 
   A very unfortunate happening was that when I went to put my contacts in to go out this evening I discovered to my horror and intense pain that the saline solution was not saline solution but cleaner disinfectant for contacts.  Nearly killed my eye! Wow! So out went a perfectly good set of lenses and the new lense felt lovely shielding the burned lid from the burned eye. Always read your labels!  
   More happiness is that Elv’s new job is within minutes of TheStoneHouse!  This is a major Praise! 
   And Christmas is showing up everywhere, again. I love this season. 

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