Family Minutes

Except Ye Become As A Little Child…

A Benny Post
  These are not good pictures at all, but they’ll have to do for now.  Benny lives in a world of doting uncles and aunts and all adults.  Last night he figured out how to turn the lever to run the little electric train.    Imagine being the midget among giants, having a vocabulary of about five words. Despite these major difficulties, Benny manages to have a place in the democracy of our family. He is totally oblivious to the facts of his age or ability.  He means to be one of us and nothing deters him. He loves and accepts us and is unable to carry a grudge for longer than two minutes. He expects the same from us. 
Grandpa has a flashlight that needs to be checked for functionality during each visit. Anything that moves or makes noise must be investigated. If you have a break-down, Benny will be glad to “help”. 
Spend time with a “little one” today, if you have an opportunity to so. 

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