Winter Picture Post…Happy Things

A Home Winter Collage for the Children Far Away
Frost on the Windows in This Old House

Which one of you girls did Gladys Martin send this plant home with? A Rabbit’s Foot Fern. It is outdoing itself this year, gloriously.

A Fine Winter Morning of -16*

Smoke From the Boy’s Cabin

The Current Work Table

Uncle Amos and Auntie Carol created this wall hanging of old barn boards and a placemat. I love it.

You’re in our Thoughts Every Day, Children.

I hope you enjoyed the winter scenes at our house. Stop in for coffee anytime.

9 thoughts on “Winter Picture Post…Happy Things”

  1. Arla, go to Youtube for the song I'm LONESOME FOR MY CHILDREN, by Emily Lewis for the lyrics of the song and singing too. I overdid listening to this song but the lyrics are still wonderful to me,. Love mom


  2. Yup, that was my fern. I don't want it though… maybe when my babies are all growed up. I am looking forward to coming up there very much.


  3. I saw this post a week ago and tried to comment because it made me feel all nostolgic. I would love to pop in for coffee on a cozy afternoon. What you're really wanting though is an afternoon with Lisl and Jenny and babies… That's what made me get all sappy. Ain't it fun growin up?


  4. Jim and I were in your area over the weekend. Since Stans were busy cooking for the wedding, we were out on our own Friday eve. Tried to visit Ben and Debbie, no one answered the door. Pulled into your driveway, but it looked like too many vehicles. So we chickened out and pulled out again, thinking you probably had wedding guest. So maybe another time, we'll stop in for coffee. I enjoy reading your blog. Gina


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