Sugar On Snow, Winter

Sugar on Snow Snowstorm

Here’s Lake Superior in one of its many moods.

We had a snowstorm that kept some of us at home all day Sunday instead of going to church while others of our church group fled home to Wiscsonsin. Still others were stranded at the rec center where we were to meet for church and fellowship all day. It was frustrating. It almost ruined the enjoyment of a lovely snowstorm, to be honest, to be all divvied out in separate family groups for the day while the snow piled up and the wind filled the roadways with drifts.

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2 thoughts on “Sugar on Snow Snowstorm”

  1. The pictures are Clark's. I should have said so in the first place. He put them on my computer so I felt free to use them. So nice to have good pics to play with for a change.


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