Crex Meadows

Is the best place to spend a warm breezy Sunday afternoon in the spring. This picture post is more about us than about the scenery.  But that’s okay. You ought to take your own family to the wild life refuge near Grantsburg and see for yourself.  You will want to take binoculars and a camera.  We were glad for lawn chairs to sit in the back of the pickup.

Crex 202Crex 194Crex 098

Lance Crex 170Lance Crex 118Lance Crex 047Crex 199Lance Crex 080Lance Crex 088Lance Crex 168Lance Crex 120Lance Crex 090Lance Crex 154Lance Crex 163Lance Crex 152Lance Crex 164

Kind of a messy post.  It was so windy there that the pictures were bound to land like this. 🙂

PS If anyone of you gets as bugged as I do about all the extra frames, borders, and hangers on of lines around these pictures; please feel free to share with me how to get rid of them. I would be delighted forever.

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