Our Two Worlds

    Lisl is home just now.  The two of us have had a couple of talk times, amazingly, with all the people and places they must see while they’re here from Thailand.
   It is becoming very clear to both of us that we live in two entirely different worlds.  Her church ladies and mine, her home keeping and mine, her shopping and mine, her children and mine are all as diverse as can be and yet we are friends/mother and daughter.  How do we relate with compassion and purpose? How shall we compare notes? How shall I advise her as a mom when her concerns and cares are based out of Asia and mine are based out of these dear old familiar United States?
   But we are learning something important while we realize all our differences.  God’s grace  is the most important gift we can give to each other while we seek to understand each others’ worlds.  I am so glad for this.
    Psalm 32:10 He that trusteth in the Lord; mercy shall compass him about. I like to apply this verse to my relationships. What I don’t understand about her world I can trust with God and everything is fine.
   On the other hand, family needs and home management happen on both sides the globe. So we do have plenty to share. And there’s the joys of babies and problems of writing and the discussions that all women have that we enjoy regardless of our differences.

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