It really is May today so we can now have the real McCoy. We can have the real thing instead of the flash in the pan summer for two days in March and another week of it in April, but then sliding all the way back to a snow fall and an aborted greening in general.
But now!               1-DSC00073
Now we have leaves on the trees that grew enough in one day to start to flutter. I noticed this on the little cottonwood trees just outside the living room windows.
And Elv’s new job is an hour closer to home! This is cause for rather great rejoicing at our house.  Why we even had supper in the daylight outside at a regular supper hour and then had time for puttering around outside afterward!  The oil got changed on my Jeep, finally. I won’t even tell you how long it has been. Lance is washing his not very dirty pickup.  But it’s too nice to be indoors.
Frank’s dandelion honey turned out wonderfully. The recipe is in the Derstine Cookbook, if you want to know what she did. We got the idea from Lily.
And the garden is ready for planting. Ross came to borrow the tiller for his mom’s garden and diagnosed the gas leak to be minor and offered to fix it.  So now when we till our garden we won’t be sprinkling the soil with gas anymore. Duh! Thanks Ross.
Two days on the new job so far. I couldn’t ask for a nicer boss or nicer work. I am praising the Lord for this.
Spring is here for sure. It’s like being able to breathe again.

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