Playing With My Camera Phone and Picasa 3

                                                 2012-07-14 17.17.54

     Benny, the baby around here who keeps us all on our toes. He is about to be joined by a new brother or sister and have his world changed forever. We are all smiling about this. So far he thinks we are his, exclusively, for entertainment, play, or comfort depending on his current perceived need.


2012-07-14 18.01.47

    Everybody sitting around after building picket fence with Clarks all day. Accomplishment!

                                           DSC_5462  The end of the year school recital.  Elv is in the audience adding a tidbit of history to their recitation, thus their smiles on this picture.

                                                      DSC_5642 I found this picture on Frances’s computer.  She got her drivers license yesterday.  This is nice and wonderful for her, but it is for me, too.  She is 18 and set to try her wings for a bit.  She flies to Thailand next month till almost Christmas time.  Adventure ahead. I remember being 18 looking forward to whatever was ahead. I can relive the thrill of those days just watching her anticipation.

3 thoughts on “Playing With My Camera Phone and Picasa 3”

  1. Did you haul your grill down to Clark and Charlotte's. And will they paint the fence white? I hope we don't disappoint Frank. I'm not really worried about it though. -Lisl


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