Buck Mountain Acres Accomplishments

Instead of being at the A. Kauffman family reunion, our family was off to the North Shore for a weekend of work and play.  We received several texts from you Kauffman people and we enjoyed them and appreciated knowing we were missed, so don’t get me wrong when I say that our weekend was very satisfying in spite of not being there with you.

Last Thursday I stopped in at the Restore store in Hayward to see if they had any of those old fashioned adjustable screens for the cabin windows that didn’t come with screens. (In Minnesota it becomes very important to have screens in the evening in summer. Mosquitoes, you know.) I didn’t find any screens; but there were three doors of just the kind we needed for the bedrooms upstairs at the cabin,  35 dollars apiece and pre-hung, to boot. I decided then and there to consult/strongly advise/beg Elv to let us get those doors and install them while we were up there anyway, this weekend. In talking with the family that evening, Amy suggested we use the family jar for the project. (If you don’t have a family jar, you ought to get one. Everyone’s pocket coins go in there and by and by you use it for a play or project that is of interest to the whole family.) There was 61 dollars in the jar.  The doors and knobs came to 64 dollars.  The man that helped me to strap the doors in a nesting pattern on the top of the Jeep advised me to not go over 100 mph on my way home. I didn’t bother to tell him that we were heading north with them, in fact, we were on our way. Elv hadn’t seen them, but the jar idea was an easy convincer and he trusted me. I like that about him…his trusting me, you know.

So we had Elv’s mom, the whole family, three vehicles, a tractor, the Water Wagon, food, luggage and the doors headed north by Friday afternoon. The Lord blessed our prospects wonderfully. By Saturday evening, the chimney was fixed (the main project we wanted to have done), the back fill was done, the shower room built, the shower functioning, the old, rotten slab pile removed, (now I can plant hosta), the doors installed, and the firewood pile moved off the front lawn and stacked neatly by the back door. We had a cook out on the grass in the front lawn to celebrate our victories.

Before you get carried away with visions of a neat and tidy washhouse/outhouse building, please be advised that this is not quite the case. Both entities function nicely, but the truth is, they are a far cry from the plan that Elv and I carry in our minds for the future washhouse. Nevertheless, we are quite pleased that we are not quite roughing it anymore when we go to the cabin up north. 

2012-07-27 15.55.00

   We were loaded.

   Flower bouquets from the home garden.

   And food and luggage. The doors are on top.



2012-07-28 10.28.27

The water wagon that holds 160 gallons of water and pumps the hot and cold water to the shower or the sink that is attached here. Ask Elv how he put this treasure together sometime. It takes our cabin life from rather rustic to luxury for being off the grid.

2012-07-28 10.51.462012-07-28 14.12.022012-07-28 14.13.072012-07-28 14.13.242012-07-28 14.14.272012-07-28 18.29.54

                                                                The End Of This Posting.

5 thoughts on “Buck Mountain Acres Accomplishments”

  1. WOW! If you keep at it you'll have nothing to do but sit around and enjoy your accomplishments when you are up there :)Keep at it!


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