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We spent Labor Day Weekend up at the cabin with Steve and Nell.  What a happy time it was!  We went up on Friday evening and got in considerably after dark.  Our friends Ben and Hannah had mowed the lawn, and made sure we had fresh drinking water in the cooler, besides making sure all was tidy and ready. Thank You, you dear people. 

While Elv and Steve shuttled our luggage and food  and supplies in with the Jeep, Nell and I laid out cold cuts, cheese and snacks.  Soon we were settled in the living room, all thirteen lamps lit, and our snacks handy. There we sat and visited till yawning and sleepiness convinced us to find our beds.


Saturday we spent a lot of time hiking in the woods, taking pictures, and playing on the Shore of Lake Superior.

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Returning in the afternoon to the cabin we played games around the table and did a lot of talking and laughing. The laughing was the best medicine.  I love being with Nell.  She is a lovely gracious lady AND she likes to laugh. Wonderful combination! She is easily one of my favorite people.

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Later in the evening we dined on BBQ Pork Chops, potato salad, and whatever else looked good out of the refrigerator. Still talking and thoroughly enjoying our togetherness.  While Nell and I did dishes, Steve read a book by lamplight, and Elv went outside and built a campfire.  Then we sat out there under the “blue moon” till yawning time again. At eleven we had pie in the living room and finally off to bed.

I don’t remember the last time we did such a thorough job of doing absolutely nothing but rest, play, eat, fellowship, and visit for hours. It was truly one of our best cabin weekends. Thank You Nell and Steve. What a God we serve Who so generously supplies us with good things to enjoy!

3 thoughts on “More Ideal Living”

  1. That sounds like something I would love to do…but will be awhile before our children are big enough for Ivan to totally relax and have a good time, without 'worrying' about what was happening back at home!! Glad you could enjoy this!! Dena


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