Dreams and Visions

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Raking leaves and planting tulips today.  Yesterday, I bought a phone cover and as soon as I got to the van, I tried it out. Sure enough, it did not fit so I returned it on the spot. My dollars back in my hand; I went back to those fall planting bulbs I was thinking about anyway.  72 bulbs that are supposed to be red tulips next spring came home with me instead.  I am impressed that I actually had the forethought to plant spring bulbs, aren’t you?  I have always dreamed dreams, but to have vision and acting upon it is entirely another matter.


Explained the vision concept to Brad while we ricked up the firewood he has been splitting for several days. He just let it stack up and up and up. I asked him just what did he have in mind? My frustration at the huge mess sprawled all over parking area showing plainly. “I wasn’t worried about it.” Which I interpreted to mean that he didn’t have a plan. No vision and the orderliness perishes. That is out of context, I know.(I remind myself of my mom.) We then had a discussion about having vision in our work. Visualizing an end result and implementing a plan to get there. Ad infinitum to Brad’s ears. But hey, how else do you sprout vision in a young man? My questions: What did you expect would happen here? Did you have a plan? So we worked together for a good hour till even he could catch the vision of orderly ranks, and a clean raked area. My own rediscovery is that you teach vision by working shoulder to shoulder with them pointing the goal out ahead from that perspective. This way we have erased the possibility of excuse that it cannot be done or it is too hard. I don’t know a 14 year old boy who would argue the possibilities of anything that mom decides to tackle WITH him. Don’t’ expect me to have to hold his hand tomorrow with the same project! I’m tired. He isn’t.

2012-11-01 11.18.06

      I’ve been crocheting Queen Anne’s Lace Scarves again.  2012-10-30 08.44.56 And Amy sewed a dress this week.

1 thought on “Dreams and Visions”

  1. thanks so much for putting into words and example the vision concept. It's been what I've been thinking, but sometimes it's been hard to get it into words/actions/explanations for my children. So thanks for the “oomph!” 🙂


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