The Short Days

      They say that time flies when you’re having fun. We ARE enjoying these short winter days. I looked it up and verified that in Northern Wisconsin we are having our shortest days. About 8 1/2 hours a day from actual sunrise to sunset. So morning coffee is by lamplight and the soft glow of Christmas lights and evening supper with the whole house lit like a hotel and  fires on deep coals in the stoves.
                                              Counting Our Blessings
1. The big pile of firewood. Three hungry stoves, too.
2. Plenty to eat. “There’s more down cellar in a teacup.” – Pa Ingalls ( I always wonder what he meant, exactly.)
3. Projects. For Christmas and for occupation.
4. Work. The men pull on warm togs, grab lunches and phones heading off to work before daylight and returning dirty and hungry after dark. But they’re contented and happy to do it… every day. 
5. Beauty. Of snow, and winter scenery, and indoor comforts.

1 thought on “The Short Days”

  1. So I wish you would take some pictures of the snow… I mean is there really snow covering all the ground? It is blah and icky and boring around here.


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