End of the Week Tidbits

Last night a log home over on Lac Court De Oreilles (Couderay Lake) burned to the ground. It was a big, bad fire. There were two cars in the garage, but nobody was home.  The men from four fire departments worked for seven hours to get the fire out.  

Chorus practice went well last night. Dan got us through most of our songs at least once.  We might even get good.  

There was school this week.  As in Brad and Amy studied. And Frank taught her two Weaver children how to sit in their desks and remember what they learned last year. Routine and the usual grind are wonderful compared to the flu.

We sewed some this week, too. Amy set an extra table up in her room, so we had three machines humming parts of two days. Pumped out four dresses from that little stint.

And I went to Rice Lake shopping and meeting appointments with Margie Schrock. Even Aldi can relieve one of a lot of money for a few groceries. Nobody goes hungry around here, though. And we went to a very child oriented dentist office for Travy’s appointment. Oh my.  Kiddie cartoons on TV, computer games and toys all about the little people.  

We cleaned the old stone house today. Wood stoves make lots of dirty places. Frank declared that the living room was lighter after she dusted, swept, and mopped.  I hope it was the new snow outdoors that made it seem lighter, don’t you? 

Brad carried out an old, stuffed rocker today. It was that swan rocker you restored and gave to me twenty years ago, Marj, and it is all worn out. I loved that chair. Rocked our last three babies in it till the springs were completely unsprung. The re-glued, re-nailed arms are wobbly again, the fabric worn through in many places. 

He also carried out odds and ends of other things. Don’t worry, nothing will be missed. I have only begun to de-junk this place…again. How DOES this stuff accumulate?! 

Now on Saturday morning Elv and I sit by the fire in the quiet. Outside it is a still, cold morning. More of that sub-zero weather that we’ve enjoyed this week in spite of our frozen pipes. 

Happy Birthday, Lisl.  Have another good year serving the Lord and your family.  I pray you will be safe driving around town on your motorbike with two children on board. That you can, this year, begin to understand enough Thai to get something out of church time. And that you will richly enjoy life in your mooban with all the friendly, noisy neighbors. 

Stay warm, work hard, and worship the Lord passionately in all that you do. Romans 15: 13 says it like this: Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

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