Scribblings and Pictures

 Where my husband works every day. He got these shots with his I-phone himself. Seems to me that work and worship would be happening at the same time under these blue skies. A little too much saturation there, I know. 

 Last Sunday we had a new snowfall.  The scenes created by the falling and accumulating snow were irresistible. This is firewood of black ash, I believe. It is too beautiful to burn. But we are burning it. Oh yes, it is about the perfectest firewood available. It holds fire all night nicely and offers a lovely bed of glowing coals for the morning warming fires.

                                 Canoes wait patiently for summer waters.

 It is supposedly poor stewardship to leave the clothespins on the lines, I presume, from knowing that most people virtuously store them in those ducky little hanger dresses. But, I prefer having them handy like this rather than needing three hands to hang the laundry. They don’t last as long but new pins are cheap. Weathered pins are nice too for other projects.

 The trellis is one of our happy things even in winter especially after a fresh snowfall.

 The children obliged me by coming out with me in the wet, falling snow to get their pictures taken. In ten years these will be priceless, even to them. Frankly, I think they are now, but moms are not supposed to brag, she whispers.

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