A Rainy Day In March

Somehow a rainy day in March does not have the sense of spring and charm as does a rainy day in May.  We started our day with snowfall, but that was soon over taken by a “wintry mix” which is mostly rain slanting down past the windows. The tree trunks are darkened with wetness. Occasional sleet hits the window panes.  It is “miserable” out there.

Inside the prospects are much improved. It is warm and dry. The living room lamps pour golden pools of light over each the favorite sitting spots The gray day outdoors can only make our cozy places seem more cheerful.  We have been sewing, visiting, and tidying. It has been a good Saturday.

 The most lovely Tea magazine came in the mail for us this week.    

 One of the newest evening crocheting experiments. What I want and what I am getting are still two different things. It is fun to keep trying.

                                           Accomplishments List

* Dresses sewed.
* Someone got well enough to go home to Canada.
* A lunch with friends one day.
* Carolyn learned how to crochet. (This was really fun, because not only did she learn it quickly, she finished two projects and started a third. I ought to have taken pictures.)
* She started seeds in covered  seed flats. Must remember to water them.
* Practiced our (Kristine and I) duet for chorus.
* The young people around here went to Duluth to eat out at a Thai restaurant last night.
* My mom had her second hip surgery this week. She is doing well.
* Elv and Lance worked a logging job on a swamp without tipping into the 8 feet of bog underneath. I think this is quite remarkable.

In March this year we begin Daylight Savings and have Easter.  Spring breakup is almost here. Road bans. Snowmobile trails have gone rotten. The rivers are going out. The lakes have water both under and on top of the ice.

Nobody should get excited about spring yet though, because we could still get three feet of snow and subzero weather.  Wisconsin takes her time. True spring where the early woods flowers bloom is still weeks away. First we must have mud.

2 thoughts on “A Rainy Day In March”

  1. Sounds homey and cosy. But I'll take my lovely weather here. Come visit sometime. I'll take your tea magazine when you're done with it. Please.


  2. Oh,I can't wait for those lovely spring rains!
    We can have nasty weather too this time of year, but one can have a little hope on a sunny day:)
    It'll come before we know it. . . .
    I love those flowers, crochet and real!


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