Finish Well

 Though everyone is talking about spring coming, it is snowing this morning.The county even “slapped” the road bans on today, which is premature and unnecessary if you ask the loggers who wanted to haul those last few loads of logs to market. We have had a few glimpses of spring, but not mud, yet. Perhaps we ought to settle down here and finish winter properly.
 The forecasters said we could get up to six inches today. The added precipitation that comes in the form of snow every March ensures that spring planting will not be in vain. So why not enjoy this weather? It is exactly what we need, after all.  
My mom always tells us to “finish one project and clean up your mess before you start another”.  The advice applies. While the falling snow freshly whitens the world outside, get out that last bit of sewing or crafting and finish it. Who wants to have unfinished projects on the conscience all summer anyway! 


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