Spring Cleanup Has begun

 Brad and I tackled the firewood pile cleanup yesterday.  Under the mounds of sawdust and chips were more logs to cut up and stray pieces of lovely split firewood. The plan was to work on getting the big ones split and ricked on the patio and the rest out in the back lots to dry.

 I like this picture for the color and texture. And in a few weeks when the grass is all green here instead I will take another picture, just to prove that we did clean it up.

Brad splits wood big. I split it small. I keep hoping he will catch on by my example.                                                                                                           

 We have had Delvin’s tractor to use for the last couple of weeks.  Brad was very impressed that I knew how to run it. Running it jogged my memory of farm days. This tractor requires no clutch shifting though, so it hardly qualifies as a real tractor to me. Sure is a handy little machine though. I was guilty of making Brad do the hard work of splitting the wood and I took over the hauling and ricking of it.

We worked up a couple of face cords and then Brad spent the rest of the day loading sawdust into the loader and moving it to the back lots out of sight.

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